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photon touch Available on Bandcamp

Digital album + 24-page book of poetry 

"Excitingly innovative and utterly impossible to categorize."   

- Prairie Fire magazine

Photon Touch orbits around the stars and flashes back brief pictures of light. Michael Belyea's ambient, electro grooves and chill, pop-inspired beats create a soundscape as rich and colourful as the images in the poetry. Michelle Elrick's poems are both deep-thought and light-hearted. A meditation on perception, and on finding stillness and connection in a fast-paced world, Photon Touch asks that you "hold out your hand" and let the world "rub into." It is at once a dark, existential reckoning with modern distraction and social disconnection and a hopeful, awe-inspiring call to live fully, to "wake up / wake up / wake up /" because "the mountains are all different."

"Photon Touch illuminates the magic to be found in opening yourself up to the world."   

The Coast

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